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Storm Panels - 550 Series Information

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Storm Panels 550 Series Types

Aluminum storm panels are the least expensive way to protect your property from hurricane force winds. These storm panels are approved by Florida Building Code & Dade County.


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Storm Panels - 550 Series

550 Series .050 Aluminum Storm Panels - A cost effective means of storm protection made of .050 light weight corrugated aluminum. These panels overlay one another as wide as needed with a maximum height of 126 in some cases.



Panels can be stored in minimal space when not in use. Before a Hurricane, panels need to be attached to the tracks or directly mounted to the wall using lead anchors or panel mates, fastened with wing nuts or bolts.

There are several ways these storm panels can be mounted to your house:

  •  Standard with top header and bottom stud angle
  •  Horizontal with stud angle on each side
  •  Direct mount to your wall without vertical and horizontal tracks
  •  F-track with slide bolts that can be used instead of stud angle
  •  It can be mounted vertically or horizontally when necessary for trapped openings.
  •  It can be equipped with an escape panel for an area of egress.

The most commonly used storm panel installation is Vertical mount, in which you need a recessed opening with a flat area around the window or door, with no obstacles. The track types are: H-Header, Studded Angle, or Adjustable F-Track at the top and Studded Angle or Adjustable F-Track at the bottom. U-Header is used at the top when there is no clearance and it has to be attached to the ceiling instead of the wall mounted H-Header. The build-out tracks can be used when there are mouldings or obstacles that may not allow the panels to lay flat against the opening. Direct Mount method can be used if there is enough wall clearance. Tracks are not needed for direct mount. The panels are mounted to the wall with anchors and bolts only. The stainless steel machine type bolts can be removed and reinstalled unlike permanent fasterners such as, tapcons or lag bolts.

The second kind of storm panel installation is Horizontal. This method is preferred when there is a sill protruding on the bottom of the window or doorways. Tracks used would consist of a combo or pair of Studded Angle and Adjustable F-Track. H and U-Header are not usable for the Horizontal method. Direct Mount method can be used as well.

White Panel Upgrade - Our 550 series aluminum storm panel can be ordered in white as an upgrade (See ordering page for upgrade pricing).


  Stud Angle
  2" stud angle
1" build-out w/U-header  
  1" build-out w/stud angle
  2" build-out w/stud angle
2x5 angle 3" build-out w/U-header
3" build-out w/stud angle
F-Track w/(slide-in-bolts)
direct mount bolts

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